Job Description

Region 3 Behavioral Health Board

Job Description

Wanted:  Enthusiastic, engaged community members with a desire to help create local change and improve behavioral health in the communities of Region 3 – Canyon, Owyhee, Gem, Payette, Washington, Adams counties. You are invited to submit an application/nomination for the Region 3 Behavioral Health Board.  Possible areas of change: prevention activities, recovery support services and environment, family support services, input for maximizing treatment services in the region, advocacy for health and wellness (mental and physical), and local policy development to foster sustained changes in behavioral

General job responsibilities:

Bring a genuine desire to be part of the change process and actively involved on the board.

Prepare for and attend meetings as scheduled: Preparation may include reading and reflecting on pre-meeting documents in preparation for fruitful meeting discussion.  The meeting schedule is to be determined; initial schedule is monthly. Estimated monthly time commitment is 3-6 hours (excludes travel time to meeting location).

Active participation in board meetings: Provide thoughtful contributions to board discussions and decisions; assist with making informed decisions to improve behavioral health in all of Region 3. Talk with your community (work, social, residential) about behavioral health topics and potential action plans.  The Regional BH board strives to have representation and feedback from all counties and stakeholders, from individuals with lived experience to elected officials in Region 3.

Participate on board subcommittees or working groups as your passion dictates.

Commit to helping carryout the work of the board through your networks, work affiliation, community groups, and other contacts.

Be willing to develop your skills to help the board better develop its skills.

Terms of appointment: January to December, staggered in two, three and four year terms.  Subsequent terms of appointment will be four years.

Rewards: The joy of working with other individuals committed to improving behavioral health and the satisfaction of seeing efforts become reality.  Plans include utilizing conference call and other technology to minimize costs (time and travel) when possible.  Reimbursement for limited travel expenses will be explored as resources permit.

Click Here  for Application/Nomination forms for more details.