Solid Waste

Southwest District Health (SWDH), Environmental Health Services regulates Waste Disposal, in cooperation with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ), by approving the Operation and Maintenance Manuals and conducting the annual inspections at each of the three municipal and numerous non-municipal facilities located in SWDH service area.

Solid Waste Inspection Service FeesEffective October 1, 2019
Service DescriptionChargesApproved Fee Change (As Applicable) Starting July 1, 2021
Tier 1, Rural Drop Box$487.00$487.00
Tier 2, Transfer Station$974.00$974.00
Tier 2, No solid waste stored on-site$0.00$350.00
Tier 3, Construction and Demolition Landfill$1,461.00$1,461.00
Tier 4, Municipal Landfill$1,948.00$1,948.00

If you have questions concerning solid waste management or complaints at any of the municipal and non-municipal facilities, please contact our office at (208) 455-5400 or through our Complaints page.

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Idaho DEQ Waste Management Remediation

Municipal sites are locations where household waste is sanitarily disposed.

Below are the locations for Municipal sites within SWDH service area by county.

Non-Municipal sites can be Construction & Demolition Landfills but usually take the form of Transfer Stations (Tier II), facilities that accept household waste for the purpose of shipping the waste to a Sanitary Landfill.

Below are the locations for the Construction & Demolition Landfill and the Transfer Stations located in SWDH service area by County.

  • Jack Ass Gulch Construction & Demolition Landfill, Gem County Idaho
  • Jack Ass Gulch Transfer Station, Gem County Idaho
  • Ola Collection Site, Gem County Idaho
  • Gem County Transfer Station Montour, Gem County Idaho
  • New Meadows Transfer Site, Adams County Idaho
  • Washington County Transfer Station/Midvale, Washington County Idaho
  • Washington County Transfer Station/Weiser, Washington County Idaho
  • Homedale Transfer Station, Owyhee County Idaho
  • Westown’s Transfer Station, Owyhee County (Privately Owned), Homedale, Idaho
  • Opaline Tipping Station, Owyhee County Idaho
  • Clay Peak Construction & Demolition Landfill, Payette County Idaho
  • Lake Lowell Avenue Construction and Demolition Landfill (Nampa City Use Only), Canyon County