Community Health Partnerships

Community Health Partnerships

Southwest District Health knows that we are healthier when we work together. We actively engage the community to identify health needs and take action to support improved health through city, county, and regional partnerships. Read about how we lead and support community partnerships below.

  • The Adams County Health Action Team (ACHAT) is a diverse group of Adams County community members and partners. The ACHAT is passionate about their community, and supporting the wellbeing of all residents of Adams County.
  • Mission: Develop connections with available resources and identify needs to create and maintain healthy communities.
  • Vision: Vibrant communities in Adams County filled with positive perspectives, connected to relevant resources, and pursuing healthy opportunities.
  • The ACHAT’s current priority is Mental Health. Our goals are to (1) Increase awareness of mental health and mental well-being resources (2) Decrease stigma of accessing mental health resources.
  • ACHAT meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month, from 2 – 3 pm at the Meadows Valley Library, and with an option to join via Microsoft Teams. All interested community members are invited to join us! For more information, please contact Tara Woodward,
  • Welcome to the Health Alliance for Washington County (HAWC)! HAWC is a dedicated coalition focused on improving community health. We’re committed to growing our network of community members by partnering with locals who live, work, and enjoy life in Washington County.
  • Coalitions like ours are vital in our community. We collaborate with families, schools, faith-based groups, and businesses, aiming to understand our local health concerns and the specific needs that arise from them. Together, we strive to enhance the well-being of everyone in Washington County.
  • To achieve our goals, we’ve identified three main areas through community voice and data to concentrate on: Youth Mental Health, Healthy Food Access, and Connecting Seniors with Health Resources. These areas are essential for our community’s health, and we’re dedicated to making positive changes. We firmly believe that with support, engagement, and dedication, we can make a meaningful impact on these three priority areas and enhance the health of our local families.
  • Our meetings take place every third Thursday of the month, from 11 am to 12 pm. If you’re interested in being part of this effort, we’d be thrilled to welcome you aboard. For more information, please reach out to Halle McDermott at
  • The Payette County Health Action Team (PCHAT) is a multi-sector collaboration between local community-based organizations, healthcare partners, schools, and anyone interested in promoting the health and well-being of Payette County.
  • We envision a healthier Payette County by strengthening our community well-being through identifying community needs, collaborative engagement, and action. The purpose of the PCHAT is to:
    • Build and sustain a community coalition with a focus on well-being;
    • Be an agent of change to improve community health;
    • Collaborate and engage local efforts of organizations with a shared purpose;
    • Advance community engagement that furthers the mission and vision of the PCHAT.
  • The priority areas of the PCHAT include behavioral health access, transportation, and food security.
  • The PCHAT is involved in a community-based project called BUILD Payette. Payette County was one of thirteen communities across the county to be awarded funding through the de Beaumont Foundation in 2023. This three-year grant opportunity will address concerns identified by members of the community, such as workforce housing development and wrap-around services.
  • The PCHAT meets on the second Wednesday of the month, from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Meetings take place virtually via Microsoft Teams, with the option for in-person meetings on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to learn more about PCHAT or join this engaged group of local leaders, please email
  • The Gem Community Health Coalition (GCHC) brings together community members and partner organizations to lead the conversation on health priorities within the Gem community. As a coalition that is dedicated to understanding local health issues, our mission is to “identify needs, share resources, and work together to improve the health of people living, working, and playing in the Gem Community.” With this mission in mind, the coalition has identified 3 priority areas:
    • Behavioral Health Services Access
    • Safe and Active Community
    • Food Security
  • The GCHC meets on the second Wednesday of the month, from 1pm – 2pm, both in-person and on Microsoft TEAMs. For additional information or an invitation to the next coalition meeting, please email
  • The Owyhee Health Coalition (OHC) is a community-based group dedicated to addressing the health and wellness needs of Owyhee County residents. OHC members work together to brainstorm solutions and activities to address various needs with the common goal of achieving positive health outcomes for community members. The Owyhee Health Coalition consists of membership from a diverse set of individuals from healthcare entities, local school staff, county commissioners, city staff, local organizations and businesses, and community members. The Owyhee Health Coalition’s mission is to improve access to services, collaboration, and education for a healthier Owyhee County and the vision for the group is a healthy, safe, and equitable Owyhee County.
  • Owyhee Health Coalition members routinely look at local data and take into consideration community input regarding the most important health areas to focus on year to year. Currently the group has identified the following three topics as high priorities to address:
    • Building coalition membership
    • Youth mental health
    • Seniors and social connectedness (decreasing loneliness)

The Caldwell Health Coalition The Caldwell Health Coalition formed in 2018. The group includes over 40 adult and youth members, including community residents, and represents over 20 community organizations committed to driving health action in  Caldwell. The coalition is working to address six pillars of health:

  • Addressing Mental Health
  • Access to Healthcare
  • Improving Food Access
  • Housing Options
  • Built Environment
  • Supporting Underserved Microneighborhoods

Mission: To build and maintain a healthy, equitable community through collaboration, access, and education.

Vision: A healthy and vibrant Caldwell community that prioritizes well-being, safety, and equity for all.

Southwest District Health is a proud founding partner of the Western Idaho Community Health Collaborative (WICHC).  Using the Collective Impact Model, Southwest District Health along with Central District Health provide the backbone infrastructure for the WICHC and its staff.

It is through alignment and collective efforts that our communities will see improved health outcomes and lower costs. To learn more, visit the WICHC website, here.

  • This advisory board at Southwest District Health (SWDH) partners with community organizations and individuals to reduce Syphilis, which is a serious sexually transmitted infection. Idaho has recently experienced a Syphilis outbreak and the average case rate is about 5 times the average rate we had five years ago. These board members share what they know about syphilis from their jobs and experiences, helping the SWDH understand how syphilis affects people in our community. The group also guides the development of community intervention plans that aim to prevent syphilis.
  • This group doesn’t just talk—they take action. They’re community champions, leading the way in activities to directly tackle Syphilis. If you want to get involved, join this impactful group! Reach out to Halle McDermott at to learn more and join the cause.