Women’s Health Check

What is Women’s Health Check (WHC)?

WHC is a program that offers free mammograms and pap tests to women who qualify. You may be eligible if you are a U.S. citizen or eligible alien and meet these criteria:

  • You have no health insurance coverage. This includes Medicaid.
  • Your gross monthly income is less than 200% of Federal Poverty Level

Women age 50 – 64 receive a free pap test, pelvic exam, clinical breast exam, and mammogram.

Age 21 – 49 can get a free pap test and pelvic exam.

Detecting breast or cervical cancer early increases the chance for successful treatment and dramatically increases chances for a complete cure. Most women with no health insurance are eligible for treatment through Breast and Cervical Cancer (BCC) Medicaid.

To see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment please call 455-5300.

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