Reporting an Environmental Health Complaint

An Environmental Health Specialist will investigate many different types of complaints dealing with environmental health programs. Some complaints reported to Southwest District Health may include: failed septic systems, open sewage, abundant trash, restaurant conditions, food or waterborne illness, animal bites and rabies investigations.

How do we handle complaints?

All the information you provide in your e-mail will be forwarded to an Environmental Health Specialist.  If the complaint is dealing with septic, open sewage, trash, or cleanliness at a food establishment, the Environmental Health Specialist will have three business days to start the complaint investigation.  You will be notified by e-mail or by phone (if requested) of the complaint results.

Anonymous complaints may not be investigated.

If a complaint is dealing with an animal bite or foodborne illness, an Environmental Health Specialist will contact you by e-mail or phone within one business day (Monday – Friday) to collect more information. You will be notified by e-mail or by phone (if requested) of the complaint results. Due to the additional need to gather information, these types of anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

The identity of persons filing a complaint are kept confidential from the public during an investigation.

Report a complaint by e-mail:
Report a complaint by phone:  (208) 455-5400

Southwest District Health will only accept complaints with the following information:

  1. The complaint includes the complainant’s name, postal address, and contact information e-mail, and/or phone number.
  2. The complaint provides the business name (if necessary), address, or a detailed description of the location in question.
  3. The date that the offense was observed or the complaint occurred.
  4. A detailed description of the complaint being reported.

For information on landlord-tenant issues and housing laws, contact Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc, Nampa Area Office at (208) 746-7541 or visit

Animal bites may also be reported to Animal Control within the county you reside.