CRP Bylaws

Southwest District Health – Region 3
Citizen Review Panel



1.1 Authorization

The Citizen Review Panel (CRP) is authorized by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
(CAPTA 2016) Section 106(c)(1-6)( p 28-29)and Idaho Code§ 16-1647.
1.2 Purpose
Per CAPTA Section 106 and Idaho Code §16-1647, Southwest District Health (SWDH) will
establish a CRP for the purpose of evaluating and providing recommendation for the
improvement of the child protection system within Region 3.


2.1 Membership

The CRP will be comprised of up to seven (7) members. Members shall reside within the
boundaries of Idaho’s Third Judicial District, which is comprised of Canyon, Gem, Owyhee,
Washington, Payette, and Adams counties. Original panel members will be selected by SWDH
based on an application process which includes a criminal background check and asked to serve
an initial two (2) year term with option for renewals.
Panel members will be volunteers broadly representative of Region 3 and include members
who have expertise in the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect and may
include adult former victims of child abuse or neglect. SWDH will make an effort to select a
panel comprised of members from diverse professional backgrounds who demonstrate a strong
motivation to improve the lives of children. Upon receipt of resignation and/or expiration of
term for panel members the panel members will review the new panel member applications
and choose a replacement contingent upon passing the mandatory background check and
completion of the agreement of non-disclosure and confidentiality form.

2.2 Non-Discrimination

The Citizen Review Panel shall not discriminate in any regard with respect to age, race, creed,
color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy,
parenthood, custody of a minor child, physical disability, or mental disability.

2.3 Duties

The CRP shall use the process developed by SWDH to review all cases brought under the child
protective act that have been open in the Third Judicial District or other appropriated local
jurisdiction, longer than one hundred twenty (120) days.
The CRP will be granted access to all records within the Third Judicial District that are in the
custody of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW) related to the child and case under
review including but not limited to all information pertaining to prior referrals, prior safety
assessments, all court filings and any police reports. The CRP may request additional records
within IDHW’s custody. IDHW will have a staff member attend CRP meetings to answer
questions and provide access to the records.
The CRP members will sign an agreement of non-disclosure and confidentiality form developed
by IDHW and SWDH prior to having access to records.


3.1 Meetings

The CRP will meet monthly at SWDH’s Canyon County’s office, 13307 Miami Lane Caldwell,
Idaho 83607. These meetings will adhere to the Idaho Code (IC) §74-201 through 74-208. Per IC
§ 74-105(7), all case reviews and discussion will occur in Executive Session and be kept
confidential in accordance with the Child Protective Act IC §16-1626. SWDH will provide
administrative support to the panel. IDHW will provide the records and be available for
Quarterly, a representative of the CRP shall meet with representatives from other District CRPs
to discuss trends and concerns from around the State. These meetings may take place
telephonically, electronically, or in person dependent upon funding. Due to the confidential
nature of the content of the records being reviewed, the meetings of the CRP are not open to
the public.

3.2 Chair person

The CRP will select a chair or co-chairs who will preside over all meetings. Chairs or co-chairs
will serve a two-year term and may be reelected.

3.3 Attendance

A CRP panel member is required to attend at least eight meeting within a calendar year.
Quorum for decision making for the panel shall be 50 percent plus 1. Unless an absence is the
result of an emergency or unexpected occurrence, members who cannot attend a regularly
scheduled meeting must give 48 hours’ notice to the Chair or SWDH support staff.

3.4 Removal from membership

The SWDH Director may remove a panel member for cause (e.g., confidentiality breach,
attendance issues, crime).


4.1 Confidentiality
No panel member shall disclose any information about a specific child protection case to any
person outside the CRP panel. A panel member who does so may be subject to a civil penalty
and removal from the Panel. All Panel members will undergo a criminal background check and
sign an agreement of Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality with IDHW and SWDH.

4.2 Conflict of Interest

Members shall disclose any possible conflict of interest. If the panel member feels that he/she
cannot be objective in the review of the case, he will recuse himself from that individual case

ARTICLE 5 Quarterly Reports/Annual report

5.1 Quarterly Reports

The CRP will produce a quarterly report containing a summary of the activities of the panel and
providing recommendations to improve the child protection system experience for children.
Reports shall be provided to IDHW and presented to the child protection legislative review
panel in a format decided upon by PHD. These reports are exempt from public disclosure
pursuant to 74-105(7) Idaho Code. The calendar year’s quarterly reports will be considered the
CRP annual report. IDHW will submit an annual written response to the CRP’s
recommendations in the calendar year’s four (4) quarterly reports.

Rev 8/2019