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In 2013, Idaho’s diverse group of statewide stakeholders and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare set forth the vision for the State’s healthcare system. The vision statement was drafted by the IHC.

“An innovative, ambitious, forward-thinking plan for the State of Idaho — will be centered on building a robust primary care system statewide through the delivery of services in a patient centered medical home (PCMH) model of patient-centered, team-based, coordinated care. Care will be integrated and coordinated across all healthcare services in the state, yielding cost efficiencies and improved population health. Idaho will achieve its vision of system-wide reform that, with the commitment of commercial payers and Medicaid, will move Idaho from a system that rewards the volume of services (through predominantly fee for service (FFS) arrangements) to a system that rewards the value of services (through quality incentives, shared savings, etc.). Payment methods will incentivize providers to spread best practices of clinical care and achieve improved health outcomes for patients and communities. Key to the success of the model is the development of the Idaho Healthcare Coalition (IHC) and its Regional Collaboratives (RCs) which will support clinics at every level throughout and after the transformation to a PCMH. The newly formed IHC will oversee the development of this performance-driven model. Together, the IHC and RCs will support the PCMHs in activities to transform and improve the system, including collecting data required to monitor and establish performance targets, providing regional and PCMH-level performance feedback, identifying and spreading evidence-based clinical practice, and providing on-going resources and support to achieve the Triple Aim of improved health outcomes, improved quality and patient experience of care, and lower costs of care for all Idahoans.”

Region 3 Executive Committee


Andrew Baron, MD, MBA, FAAFP, CPE
Medical Director
Terry Reilly Health Services


Sam Summers, MD
Family Practice Provider
St. Alphonsus Elm Clinic


Nikole Zogg, PhD, MPH
District Director
Southwest District Health


Rachel Blanton, MHA
SHIP Manager
Southwest District Health

Southwest District Health SHIP Staff

Amber Aberasturi
SHIP Quality Improvement Specialist
Southwest District Health

Marty Cappe
SHIP Program Assistant
Southwest District Health