Fit and Fall Proof™ (Senior Fall Prevention)

Fit and Fall Proof™

Fit and Fall Proof™ (FFP) is a FREE exercise-based fall prevention program for older adults in Idaho, designed to focus on functional movements that reduce the risk of falls. Classes are designed to help individuals increase their balance, mobility, flexibility, strength, and confidence. This is a wonderful opportunity for our Idaho older adults to maintain or regain the ability to perform tasks in their daily life while meeting new people and establishing strong friendships along the way. 

Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged ≥65 years (older adults) in the United States.1 Idaho is ranked among the highest in fall rates in the U.S. with 33.6% adults 65+ having fallen, according to the most recent 2018 CDC data. Idaho is also among the highest for fall related deaths with 82 per 100,000. Idaho offers the Fit and Fall Proof ™ fall prevention program throughout the state with trained volunteer leaders teaching classes in their communities. About 7 in 10 Fit and Fall Proof™ participants report improvements in their physical functioning, such as performing activities of daily living or walking after completing a ten-week session. 

Classes are open to all ages and registration is not required. 


Fit and Fall Proof™ Classes

Class participation is FREE and open to all.

  • Where: churches, senior centers, community centers, club houses, schools and more
  • Time: 45 – 60 minutes per session, 2 – 3 times per week

Participants will:

  • Utilize chairs, resistance bands, weighted balls, playground balls, light dumbbells, and body weight movements
  • Allow participants to go at their own pace and adapt exercises to the individual’s abilities
  • Evaluate fall risk and progress through the “Timed Up and Go” assessment throughout the year



Fit and Fall Proof™ Goal

Functional fitness is the primary focus of the Fit and Fall Proof ™ program. Classes work toward increasing muscle strength and flexibility which play a primary role in balance, maintaining physical activity, and reducing the risk of falls. Improvement in these areas may lead to a more independent, freely functioning lifestyle for older adults. The goals of Fit and Fall Proof™ are to enable older adults to: 

  • Maintain an independent, freely functioning life 
  • Maintain social connections through a community of participants 
  • Improve muscular strength 
  • Improve flexibility, helping older adults to reach and to bend 
  • Increase balance and improve posture 
  • Improve mobility, endurance, and walking gait 

Fit and Fall Proof  Volunteer Opportunities

Fit and Fall Proof™ classes are led by certified volunteers who have received training and instruction on exercise techniques and personal safety. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming a FFP class leader, please contact Daniel Adams at 208-296-0847 for the next available class leader training. 

For More Information

For more information please contact:

Daniel Adams


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