Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teen Pregnancy Prevention 

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Parent Engagement Education for Sexual Risk Avoidance

Did you know that in 2022, 64% of all chlamydia cases in Southwest Idaho were under the age of 24? Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancies among youth can be prevented through information sharing and family conversation on expectations surrounding engaging in sexual activity. Research has demonstrated the importance of parent-adolescent relationships, highlighting the significant impact that parents have on their adolescents’ decision-making. Families Talking Together (FTT) is a parent-based education program to prevent and/or reduce sexual risk behavior among adolescents aged 10-18. The program follows a family workbook, designed to:

  • Build a parent’s confidence to deliver this information to their teen
  • Teach parents effective communication skills
  • Strengthen parent-adolescent relationships
  • Help parents develop successful monitoring strategies that are tailored to their teen
  • Teach adolescents assertiveness and refusal skills

Sessions are led by a trained health educator and delivered to parents or guardians either individually or in small group sessions in a range of settings such as schools, churches, community centers, or any other meeting space. Following the program, participants take the information home and can use the materials provided to guide their individual discussions with their teen at a time that is convenient and appropriate for them.

Participants will receive all written material for free along with teen material that can be shared with teens at the parent or guardian’s discretion.

For many parents, having these conversations with their teen can be awkward and uncomfortable. It is important to note that teens do have questions regarding sexual health topics and benefit from having a trusted adult that can provide guidance and support.

To sign-up for the Families Talking Together Program, please contact:

Raquel Nuñez 208-296-8250 raquel.nunez@swdh.id.gov