Statewide Healthcare Innovation Plan

Private insurers as well as Medicaid and Medicare are working together to design healthcare ways of better paying providers for keeping people healthy. SHIP was designed thanks to a 2013 planning grant from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and the work of many Idaho stakeholders. Over the 6 months of the planning grant, Idahoans from across the State attended 60 focus groups and public town hall meetings, providing valuable input. All their input and feedback was instrumental in designing the Idaho SHIP model. The proposed model Idaho developed is articulated in a short video:

SHIP received a $40 million dollar grant over 4 years that gives Idaho the opportunity to test the model designed in 2013. Idaho is one of 24 states with a model test grant currently being funded by the CMMI. In the application, Idaho presented a plan that brought to the table all stakeholders of healthcare to collaborate and share in the change process. Reforming a statewide system in an ever-changing landscape of practice necessitates inclusion of all the players, including consumers. As Idaho implements our model test, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with all the stakeholders, partners and change agents who will make this model a success.

Follow the link below to learn more about the state SHIP effort: